CM8 Power Bank 20800 mAh


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Nowadays we use a lot of portable electronic devices, like iPad,Smartphones,Tablets,Gaming devices etc.They consume a lot of power and their battery easily drain out. Without power these devices are useless. Power bank acts as power backup for these devices when they ran out of battery. You can recharge your devices just like a regular power supply.

Power on the go: – When you are out or travelling, you do not need to search a power source for charging. Just plug it in Power bank to your devices and start charging your devices. Could be very useful at places such as Airport, Railway station, Buses, Car, Taxi or at college.

Charge Power bank not device: – Normally when our devices ran out of battery, we charge them. Instead of charging devices, you can charge power bank outside. We heard sometime report of theft of devices from public places charging. Power bank can minimize the risk as they are cheaper than devices.

Emergency situation: – There is certain situation where it is not feasible to charge your device to outside power outlet. For example a woman travelling alone with a kid, it is difficult for her to charge her device at public place with kid to take care. Power bank is a good solution for this situation.

Safety: – Safety: It has multiple circuit protection systems, can avoid over charging, etc.

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