Callmate SZN01 Rubberized 2W Magnetic Usb LED Bulb (Set of 2)


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“Product Features:
USB Interface installed fist all kinds of Power Bank And 2A USB Charger .
The Bright soft LED light source is real natural and saving energy for long time use.
Low Power supply high efficiency of light.
Strong magnet is installed in the back also an iron sheet will be given away to you for hanging it inthe branches or fising it on the slopes or meadows in the open.
Do not install it in the place where is easily wet or in water.
If the LED lamp is on for a long time. maybe it has a little hot in normal. but not affect the use.
Low consumption, high brightness, stable performance.
Super energy saving, environmental protection
Powered by any USB source, such as power bank, computer, laptop, or with the cellphone charger adapter
Design with a switch to free On/Off, no need to plug and unplug the USB port frequently
Soft white light, bright, soft, not dazzling, do no harm for your eyes.
Long service life, ensuring the normal use of more than 35000 hours
Suitable for camping, beach tent, travel, night market, dormitory, emergency use
Brand: CallMate
Available Colors: White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Silver, Green, Purple, Orange & Pink.

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